No More Newspapers?? Are you kidding me?

Discussion created by mrb4advl on Oct 3, 2017
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Just competed a stay at the Courtyard South Las Vegas. When I checked in I asked the person at the front desk where the WSJ and USA Today papers were kept. The bright, cheery response was "Marriott has decided to go green, no more newspapers"

This is a cleverly disguised cost cutting move designed to really upset platinum elite members who love to come in at night and relax with a cold beer from the Bistro and read the paper.

Going green. Really? Have you ever tried to "read a newspaper" online? What you really get is the article the publisher wants you to see, then an impossible to navigate website. First of all, most newspapers are printed on high recycled content paper. Second, most newspaper gets recycled.

Seriously, which millennial at Marriott came up with this ridiculous idea?

Do you really want to lose my business for a dollar a day?