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Update#2: Yippee!:  Has anyone else satisfied the MegaBonus 2 stay requirement, gotten the free night, and gotten no second promotion?

Question asked by profbes on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by rccolabob

I have had my Category 1-5 certificate for about 30 hours now and no email or indication on the promotion page. Just the You've earned the maximum message and the somewhat contradictory message that after the maximum I can unlock more. Am I expecting this notice too soon? I've seen that some people seem to only have a day to register and I'm tired of checking constantly!



Update 4:10 CDT 10/2/2017

I just had a 25 minute call to the Rewards Line and was told that it takes about a week from the satisfaction of phase 1 until the email comes. I politely asked for clarification of from the stay or posting or what. He went away and after a lengthy hold came back after talking to two colleagues. They said there are two batches of emails going out tomorrow and Wednesday and I should be in one of them. I asked and he confirmed that stays between satisfaction of Pase 1 and the email are retroactively counted. i told him if I have not heard anything by Thursday he gets a call back. Multiple stays coming up starting next week and I want get this settled and enjoy the travel not the wondering.


Update#2 2:30pm CDT   10/3/2017

After a morning of error messages and system is down messages I went to a luncheon meeting and just returned home. Lo and behold, my unlock message was on my Promotions page. No email yet but I registered there and will check back and make sure as some people have reported false messages of "You're Registered". Now maybe I can start dealing with travel and collecting points not worrying about possible promotions. Good luck to those not yet receiving the message.