Atlantis - Beach Tower - Hello the 70s wants their decor back!

Discussion created by pscampb456 on Sep 29, 2017
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We stayed at the Beach Tower at Atlantis last week. 

First - everyone was very nice at the complex.  And since we booked through Caesar's I'm not expecting points.

But I would never stay in this tower again.  It hasn't been redone in years!  Many, many years! The water went out in the middle of the night (I just happened to need to use the bathroom).  When we tried to use the bathroom in the morning the water was brown for a long time - 20 to 30 minutes of constant running and there was no hot water for about an hour. No notice or anything from the hotel.  When I called the front desk they couldn't explain what was going on.  Only problem I had with any of the staff.


Now to the room - pictures are attached.  The decor looked like a Motel 6 from the 1970s, not a Marriott.  The balcony attached to the room next to us even had damage that made it look unsafe.


Many of the pools and slides also looked in need of repair.  Including the Mayan temple and the pool between the Beach and Coral towers. Many of the "rocks" were crumbling and pulling apart.


Also we had a reservation for a water view.  We ended up with a view of the convention center roof.  When we checked in I did present my platinum Marriott card. So why? Everyone said the hotel was only half occupied since it is the off season and many had canceled due to hurricane Maria. So why were we given such an awful room?