I don't like the updated webpage

Discussion created by txman on Sep 28, 2017

So I login yesterday to reserve some rooms, and I see the new reservations section. I started out in IE, switched to Chrome, then to Mozilla. Initially none were working I could type in the destination, but the calendars wouldn't allow me to pick my dates. Needless to say a pain in the butt. Later on in the day I guess they got it fixed, so back in I go and start the process again. I click on the map view to find a place close to my meeting, and the map has now been changed too. I can no longer use my scrolling mouse to zoom in and out. I have to move the map then I have to click in the upper left corner on the +/- to zoom in and out, and if I don't like the amount, I have to keep hitting the button. I want my scrolling zoom in and out back......