Marriott customer service is gone

Discussion created by veronikap on Sep 27, 2017
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Am I the only one having trouble with Marriott Customer Service?

I stayed at 6 different Marriott hotels on a recent trip and only 3 of them were added to my rewards.  I called customer service and they had me on hold for 30 minutes and finally said they will try to reach the hotels to confirm my stay and my points should be added soon.  That was two weeks ago and still nothing.  I called customer service again and a lady was really rude and said the only way to be credited with stays that haven't showed up is to send in your receipts and submit them yourself.  So much for customer service.

So I sent in the receipts last week and submitted them myself with the computer generated system and received an email that the points and stays should be on my account in 48 hours.  That was last week and still nothing. 

It really shouldn't be this hard to have stays added to my account which should have happened automatically as I provided my membership number when I booked the hotel.

Years ago you could all and the points would be credited immediately.

I think it is time to switch to a different chain of hotels.