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Late, late Receipts

Question asked by kensound on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by nipper

I asked this once before a year or so back and received a non-answer - but am going to ask again due to a recent experience.


When I buy gas, I receive a receipt on the spot. When I book a plane I receive a receipt in my email within five minutes. When I turn in my rental car the receipt is in my inbox before I get to the terminal. BUT when I check out from a Marriott property it takes two or three days or more to receive a receipt. Why?


I asked this a couple of years back and received a "run-around" non-answer so I forgot about ever getting a real reason until last week. I was in a location where there were no Marriott properties so I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. I went ahead and downloaded the IHG app and set up a profile. When I used the app to check out, it asked if I wanted my room receipt emailed to me so I checked "yes" and headed to the car. As I was driving out of town, the receipt arrived in my email.


So I ask again, why can't Marriott - the "World's Largest Hotel Chain" get a receipt emailed immediately so that travelers don't have to wait several days to turn in their trip expense summary?