Stephen Norman is Special

Discussion created by teammetz on Sep 25, 2017
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The week of September 18 in Houston from the Marriott Marquis, Stephen went way out of his way to help me locate and eventually get back my telephone that was left in my Uber vehicle.  Seems that all Uber emergencies get linked back to a 4-digit verification code on your telephone.  They can help you get anything you leave behind except your telephone.  Enter Stephen.


He researched, called, scoured, called some more and through his perseverance was able to get the taxi driver to return my telephone.  Meanwhile, he sent some beverages to the room to ease the pain of the afflicted (me).

In addition to a wonderful telephone voice, optimistic attitude, and articulate manner, he has a wonderful smile and professional demeanor as I discovered when he handed over to me the missing telephone.


Thanks Stephen, and folks at the Houston Marriott Marquis responsible for bringing him on to their team.