Arne Unlocks Your MegaBonus Tomorrow

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Naah, just joshing (I think).


Arne Sorenson is speaking tomorrow Wednesday 9/27 in New York - 9:40 am ET at the Skift Forum.…

9:40 a.m.Arne Sorenson, Marriott CEO; Moderated by: Jason ClampetMarriott CEO on next phase of growth beyond acquisitions and the battles he is picking and choosing to fight for


At $3500 plus expenses it was a bit too rich for me to find out if I could or could not unlock an offer .


Here's the technique;

First, you can watch select sessions via the Yahoo! Finance homepage, including Expedia’s new CEO Mark Okerstrom and the CEOs of Priceline Group, TripAdvisor, Delta Air Lines, Marriott International, and Hilton. Check the live stream schedule below. You can watch additional sessions on a dedicated streaming page.


Second, you can read our original stories throughout the day, written by our expert journalists.


Third, connect with us on social media. We’ll be live tweeting (no points, but who gets points with Marriott ) the event plus posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, and don’t forget to follow our newest Twitter account, focused on the future and business of dining out: Skift Table.


I'm sure I'll be distracted by a shiny object - but if anyone watches - give us the scoop below - Thanks