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Well now that summer's over I get into my travel season. Of course and unfortunately, Hurricane Irma has had an impact on my coming adventures. A small potatoes issue for me for sure compared to the suffering of those directly affected by the storm, but the impact has completely adjusted my schedule. I always go to visit my friends on the beautiful island of St Maarten, but the island is basically no more after a visit from Irma. Some MRI's know that I had a home there for many years and spent six months a year there (winter months of course). I was scheduled for an extended stay there beginning in November, but where I was staying isn't there anymore (well, parts of it are). Many also know I'm moving to Naples and this is one time I was happy that construction is behind schedule!


So, I've switched to a west coast tour going to San Francisco, Newport Beach and Palm Desert to start. What I did not expect was all the trouble booking with this new Marriott-dot-com site. UGH! Look for senior rates...get pay in advance rates. Look for Newport Beach locations with NO special rates asked for and get 'There are too many hotels in your search, try narrowing the search area'. What? Then I look at what the SITE searched for me. It was displaying CA,USA. Seriously? I'll stop here because there are too many 'glitches' I found to continue. I DID find that if I went into the 'our hotel' part of a particular property and scrolled to the bottom of the page the hotel said one of their 'deals' was senior rates and you could click on it and actually get senior rates. Too much work to book as far as I'm concerned. I just don't understand why Marriott IT doesn't appear to have the sensibility to TRY their so called updates to check their validity before they throw them at us.


On a happy note, I got a new puppy after I lost one of my older guys (the one in my avatar) a few months ago. So, now I have a new shadow. Two steps behind me everywhere I go. But that's OK with me. Here he is:




Happy travels all!