Fall MegaBonus 2nd offer - The Eagle has Landed! Two offers - Stays are retroactive (IT Radioactive)

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10,000 points after 5 stays, plus another 1,000 points for each additional stay.

As reported by cmeyer and rlswider


whowouldanewman reports another offer (REQUIRING SAME DAY REGISTRATION) wow, hope folks are reading;




Since not everyone saw the Community Manager post/promise last week - here it is:


Hi Insiders,


Just another friendly reminder to register now for MegaBonus®! You can earn a free night after just two qualifying stays, and MegaBonus really builds from there!


We’ve tailored additional offers based on your activity with Marriott Rewards. You could have the opportunity to unlock up to two more points-based offers, and the earning opportunity is unlimited. We’ll notify you by email next week if you’re eligible to unlock another offer. Or go to Promo Central next week to find out right away. If you’ve already made more than two stays, don’t worry, those stays will count towards your unlock offer.


For those who haven’t registered yet, please remember to by November 30, 2017 to achieve the base offer of a free night after two stays. Qualifying stays must be at any of our participating hotels and resorts worldwide between September 12, 2017 and January 15, 2018. Book direct to get our lowest rates worldwide.





The above is fromA Surprise Visit by the Big Cheese     herself, so it's as good as it gets and should be accurate (as much as the system with The Appropriate Team in charge can provide).


Good luck to all, let's hope we all are part of the 'coulds' .


REMINDER: if you do receive an offer - you must Register for 2nd offer (yes, again) within two weeks or you will lose out