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Yellowstone pointers needed

Question asked by ks83 on Sep 23, 2017

Can some one provide pointers for a trip to Yellowstone national park? I am planning a week long trip in Aug 2018 (I know its very early but since its the most visited I dont want to see all the good places sold out). I am thinking of flying to Salt Lake City and driving around. I plan to hit as many national parks as possible (I plan to visit all national parks in the US - I am only at 7 now). Utah alone has 6 and Wyoming has 2. I know all 8 cannot be covered in a single trip. One of my friends gave me a good itinerary but the places to stay were all big cabins as they had traveled as part of large group.


Also since I am marriott platinum why not use some at least. I found 2 along the route - the brand new Springhill Suites in Jackson Hole but it has astronomical rates - 350 + , one in Rexburg Idaho with a more modest 140 rate.


Is there some good recommendations - places to see, stay? We will probably arrive either on Aug 10 or 11 and leave on 19th.