Why must the Marriott website continually change?

Discussion created by keglerbill on Sep 21, 2017
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Yet another "improvement". I like to print out a list of all my upcoming reservations. As of today I have 16. I used to click on My Reservations and View All Reservations, and get a nice list of each hotel and address, dates, and confirmation number. I would hit Print once, and get a nice two page listing of all reservations.


Now -- I click on My Reservations and View All Reservations, and I get pushed to My Trips. This lists the reservations on multiple pages (each of which have to be printed separately), with the first reservation on each page expanded to show a photo and a map, plus the confirmation number. But the rest that are not expanded don't show the confirmation numbers. So if I want a list with confirmation numbers, I have to expand each one and print about five or six pages of reservations -- each page individually. If I'm OK with not having confirmation numbers, then I have to close the expanded first reservation on each page, and print each page separately.


Why "fix" something that was not broken -- only to make it worse?