A toast to Marriott Rewards

Discussion created by wannabetitanium on Sep 22, 2017
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in the short time I have been a marriott rewards member it has allowed me some great experiences. I've only been a member a few years but so far I have ad some great redemptions thanks to the program. The great thing about Marriott is their presence in basically every city I ever travel to So I never miss out on points.  More to come but my experiences on points so far.


Grand Flora in Rome


Marriott Philadelphia downtown (across from reading terminal market yum)


JW Marriott Washington DC (fantastic location)


Omaha (Saw sir Elton John at the concert venue across the street)


Lawrence, KS (homecoming for the mighty University of Kansas Jayhawks)


all these with no out of pocket costs on lodging and in a relatively short time with the program. points certainly help the travel budget, I don't feel so bad splurging in other areas on trips.


Full disclosure I along with some of you all are a bit disappointed in the latest mega bonus but reminded myself of the overwhelming Positive of the program over all. In my opinion the best hotel rewards program in the history of the sun.


Heres to you marriott - don't know how to post picture from my phone so just imagine a nice cheers picture here.