Marriott IT's MegaBonus Fail (again)

Discussion created by bejacob on Sep 20, 2017
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There is something wrong with how Marriott IT handles the MegaBonus. Let me be clear that I'm not blaming our communitymanagers, who are stuck delivering bad news and trying to clean up the mess. I can't count the number of times I've seen them help Insiders get registered for this and past promotions. I'm sure it must be almost as frustrating for them (if not more so) than it is for us.


If Marriott IT and the marketing folks who promote the MegaBonus can't figure out how to make the "unlock more" part of the bonus happen in 2-3 days, they shouldn't have put that in the Terms & Conditions. I thought the mantra was "under promise, over deliver." I'm not sure inserting the word may into the legalese terms absolves them. If is was going to take a week, then tell us at the beginning it will take a week, so we don't start wondering after the 2-3 days have elapsed.


I don't have any skin in this game as my next planned stay is not until early October. Of more concern is not knowing what the "unlocked" bonus will be. If it turns out to be something like 15-20 nights, knowing that as soon as possible would be a huge help in planning additional nights to reach that goal, especially for leisure travelers. I have no reason to add more nights without knowing what's coming. I've seen others post the same thought elsewhere.


It seemed like Marriott generally got things right during the last two MegaBonuses. In Spring 2017, everyone got double points on the first three stays. While that kind of promo doesn't work well for my type of travel, some Insiders collected over 100k points. Then for Summer 2017, we had all had "Infinite Points." We're still waiting for the brand bonus points to post, but at least everyone had the same offer and knew we would have to wait 6-8 weeks for those points when the promotion was announced. I'm not sure anyone hit 100k (once brand bonus points post), but a few folks got close. While there were still issues with registration, overall both promotions were unveiled with far fewer problems than we encountered last year. I wouldn't say things were perfect, but we had a hint that some aspects were improving.


Now we've got some new problems along with the old registration trouble. Why does Marriott think it's a good idea to keep us in suspense on what's coming next? In the past, we might not have all gotten the same MegaBonus, but at least we knew all the details up front (most of the time). At this point, no matter what is unveiled next, it's likely to disappoint. I'm sure there will be plenty of posts with some variation of "we waited a week for THIS! " On top of that, if some folks get one deal and others get something else (or nothing), there will be complaints. That happens pretty much every time when multiple offers are involved.


In general, we Insiders love MegaBonus time. Still, each time we're faced with these questions

  • Why can't I register?
  • Why am I not eligible?
  • Why did I get this promo when others got something else?
  • Why, why, why?
  • And then the inevitable, "I'm leaving for another chain."


If the same things keep happening on every MegaBonus, why doesn't Marriott IT do something to fix the problem? Things looked somewhat better this spring and summer. Now we've taken a huge step back. I love Marriott and I love MegaBonus. If folks like me aren't happy, imagine how the "marginal" guest is feeling. They are probably already staying somewhere else.


We were promised 2-3 days for the next part of the 2017 Fall MegaBonus. Now we're being told, that's not going to happen. Should we assume that the summer points that are supposed to post in 6-8 weeks will be late as well? We understand that Marriott is a huge company and that some resources are being diverted to sort out the SPG merger. That doesn't change the fact, that these same issues related the MegaBonus registration have been going on for years (see /thread/11547#comment-225704 for context).


As for Marriott, I'm not going anywhere. Once we know what is unlocked next for this MegaBonus, I'll probably make 2 stays, 15 nights, or whatever is needed to earn additional points (assuming it's not too far out of reach). For next time, is it too much to ask for Marriott to TRY to sort of some of these recurring problems? You almost had it right on the last two bonuses. What happened this time?


erc where's that picture of the angry mob? I'm almost ready to join.