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How do I get my Complaint heard and resolved?

Question asked by only1mouse71 on Sep 19, 2017
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Good morning, I have been trying for several weeks now to get in touch with someone who can help me resolve an issue that occurred at the Marriott Courtyard in Eugene/Springfield.  I stayed at this hotel from 8/16 through 8/21.  On the evening of August 19 the hotel allowed an unregistered guest into my room.  Upon my return to the hotel that evening I noticed several items missing from the room, I immediately went to the lobby to ask for a manager, unfortunately this hotel would not have a manager onsite for more than 3 days, after I was to check out.  The desk clerk gave me the name of Colleen Evans Assistant General Manager, I emailed Colleen however she was on vacation and her email asked me to contact Darren Wilson, General Manager.  I sent the following email to them:

Good morning Colleen my name is Melissa Jarnagin and I'm currently registered at the courtyard hotel. I came back to my room last night only to find that your front desk let someone into my room. This someone is a known person to me but was not registered in the room. I need to have a conversation with a manager to understand how and why this happened and how do I ensure this will never happen again. My safety is of big concern and should be the hotels but it appears that is not your procedure.


I received this response on 8/21 from Darren Wilson:

Ms. Jarnagin-

> I am sorry for the late response--I was out on leave much longer than expected.  I am not sure what went wrong, but obviously something wasn't right on our end.  I will look into this thoroughly so I can better understand what happened, and fine tune any procedures we have in place to make sure this doesn't happen again.  I hope to have all the information, and will send you a more detailed response by weeks end.


On August 30; 10 days later I sent a follow up email

    Good morning, I'm hopeful you've been able to find some additional information and have a resolution for me?  I'm very concerned with the lack of safety procedures and am completely uncomfortable staying at your hotel again( and we come annually for the country music festival).


Then on September 1 I received this email from Colleen Evans:

     Thank you for your patience while we took the time to investigate this issue and speak to all of our staff regarding access to your room.  We have spoken to every member of our team on duty the night in question and although it was a very busy event weekend no staff member was asked for a key or access to your room.  Our entire staff from the front desk to our housekeeping team, take guest safety very seriously and we have all been on the receiving end of a guest who is upset because the front desk refuses to all access for non-registered guests, guests without proper matching photo ID and housekeeping staff will not open a guest room for access from anyone asking, instead they will escort the guest to the front desk for assistance.


We also performed an audit of the keys made and used for your room during your stay.  The audit revealed that at check in 2 keys were issued and no additional keys were programmed or used in the door lock.  At this point we can confirm that the only keys accessing your guest room were the keys issued at check in.


As stated previously our entire team is committed to guest safety and we do hope that on future visits to the area you will consider our Courytard Marriott as your host hotel.


I know I had both room keys, and responded to them asking for a copy of their "audit" report because there was a key made for my room on Saturday 8/20.  I now know this for a fact because there has been subsequent contact, via another person, to the individual who entered my room.  She was asked how she got into the room - she responded she went to the front desk for a key and nobody questioned her nor asked for ID, they just made her a new key, and in fact she still has that key and is in the process of mailing that key to me


I let the hotel know this (aside from the fact that I will soon have the key in question as I was unaware of that during our very last conversation)  this is Darren's response:


Ms. Jarnagin-

We have concluded our investigation.  According to the records, no keys were issued after check-in. 



Due to the nature of the sensitive nature of the contents in the lock and key audit reports, we will not be releasing any copies.   I apologize for time it took to get the information, and hope you do not let this incident prevent you from choosing Marriott hotels in the future.


At this point I began trying to get a hold of someone in corporate, and have left several voicemail messages because the phones are never answered to no avail.  This is now why I am posting this here to hopefully get a response from someone.


Again - Courtyard Marriott let someone into my room who was NOT a registered guest, and will not take responsibility for this action and in fact thinks that I should not let their lack of security and lack of responsibility affect me from choosing Marriott in the future.


I want someone to respond to me, and not the hotel as they are very clear they did nothing wrong.   The audit reports will tell the story as will the key with the identification number in it.