Less and Less MRI Trip Reports, WHY?? Maybe MRI Logout Issues?

Discussion created by iahflyr on Sep 20, 2017
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Come on community, lets get those incredible trip reports up and running again!!!


When I first joined Marriott Insiders quite a few years back, besides learning from a great number of Marriott Elite road warriors regarding things such as bonuses, promotions, maximizing points, great values for the dollar and the like.  One of the more inciting things to me was reading all the fantastic trip reports when MRI folks would return from either a business or leisure trip.  So many different spots that I'd never thought of visiting or hotels with great location and views, seeing the gorgeous photos that would be posted within the reports.  We'd see what other Insiders thought of the hotel, the services, the best rooms to get and much much more.


Well, there are much fewer and fewer of these threads floating around these days and it's really sad to me.  I've posted some of our travels as have others, but the numbers of the trip reports are very very low in comparison to other issues we find now filling the boards such as MegaBonus things good or bad, many complaints now show up a property one has stayed recently with limited information other than the complaint, no platinum breakfast issues etc., and less actual fun things one did on a trip or sharing of photos of the journey.


My question then rolls around to when I've recently attempted to post a detailed trip report with photos only to find that I got logged out and the entire post did not auto-save and has been lost and do I really want to spend that amount of time to attempt it all over again?  Also, do other Insiders feel the same way after they've lost what they tried to post for others to read?  I know a few of you do since we see far to few reports of spots you've been visiting.  We know folks are traveling if you look at the 2017 and 2018 upcoming stay threads.


communitymanagers what is the reason we cannot stay logged into MRI when you are actually doing things on a page?  It isn't that the page is inactive which causes so many places to log out out if you have inactivity, you are uploading photos, making links, typing etc.  This is actually very very irritating and I believe why so many of us simply give up on posting good informative things on our travels.


What say ye other Insiders?