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Has Marriott ever had, or would they consider, a program similar to Hilton's double dipping?

Question asked by mightythor on Sep 19, 2017

Many years ago, when I traveled extensively, mainly via air, I was a loyal Hilton member.  Why, because I could earn both hotel points AND airline miles for each stay at a Hilton.  In a little over 18 months, I had accumulated enough of both to take my family of 4 to Hawaii for 5 nights at no cost (other than sightseeing, dining, etc).  Granted, it provided fewer hotel points than if I chose points alone, but it was a great benefit if one likes to fly.  Has Marriott ever had anything like this, or would they consider this as a possible option?  I don't fly like I used to, so it sure would be nice to be able to accumulate a few more airline miles via this type of arrangement if it were available.  That being said, I also prefer Marriott to stay at, and anticipate that will remain the case regardless.