Service slipping at Marriott Properties?

Discussion created by drewtipton on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2018 by drewtipton

So... I've been noticing over my last couple of stays that the service levels have started to slip.  I'll make requests via the app and get confirmations, only to find that they aren't completed.  I'll check in via the app only to get to the hotel to find that they are rushing around to find me a room.


The last two stays, I also haven't gotten a folio under my door (in fact, for the stay prior to this one, even after contacting the hotel directly, I still don't have a copy of my folio!)...  I'm wondering if others are noticing this and, if so, how do we raise this to Marriott management?  I fill out the surveys and generally get no response.  I did the survey directly for the property in question above, and got a "thank you for responding, we'll do better next time" but not much more.