Green Choice/Stay Green/Skip Housekeeping Bonus Points

Discussion created by wiscfriend on Sep 17, 2017
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I recently stay at the Marriott Residence Inn in Redmond, WA for 5 nights. I'm used to the "Green Choice" program at Starwood properties that gives bonus points for skipping housekeeping (500 per night at most properties, 250 at Aloft, Element, and Four Points) on multiple night stays. I looked around the room for a door hanger, or some other notice that the Residence Inn had the same kind of program. Nothing!

I checked at the front desk the next day and found out that the hotel was beginning to experiment with such a program. (Found it interesting that no one mentioned it when I checked in!) I was given a half-page form to fill out if I wanted to participate. They were offering 250 MR pts per night, but the hotel was required to clean the room every 3rd day, so all I got was 750 pts. for my five days.

Last week when I stayed at the Marriott Madison, I didn't see any kind of door hanger or other info in the room about a similar offering. I didn't bother asking, because I was only there for one night.

Do any of you Insiders have insights into which Marriott brands are offering MR points for skipping housekeeping on multiple night stays? Any info on how many points are being offered at which properties?

I'm also wondering what will happen down the road. Will Marriott up its points to approach Starwood value, or will they end up gutting the Starwood bonus points offerings?