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Unable to meet status qualify nights. What's next?

Question asked by 50centakagansta on Sep 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by brianandlin

If you got a Plat or Gold by challenge, but staying nights not enough to keep maintain the status, what's next?


In SPG I know that they would downgrade you to the basic member , In Marriott I heard that if you are Plat you would downgrade to Gold, Gold would downgrade to Silver, can anyone confirm?


I also heard that  if you got P by actually having 75 nights , then you would downgrade to Gold, but if you got P via challenge, then they would downgrade you basic on how many nights you stayed. If you stayed 40 nights previous year, you did not meet both  requirement of Platinum and Gold, so you would downgrade from P to Silver. Really?



What about the new program after merging with Starwood after 2018? Do you think  would it tend to be more like the Marriott side or SPG side? It's quite different ! One only requiring 25 stays to become Plat another 75 nights, one would downgrade you to the basic another is 1 level downgrade.