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Discussion created by pingreeman on Sep 16, 2017
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I just happened to look at my MRI profile and noticed that nine years ago, on 09/16/2008, I became a member of MRI. I know a few active participants joined between original signup (early March 2008) and my signup and would like to do a "shout out" to these folks for hanging in there all these years, too:


zukracer (03/04/2008)

iestrikesback (03/04/2008)

shoeman1000 (03/23/2008)

jerrycoin (04/16/2008)

arkwright (04/20/2008)

bazzap (08/06/2008)

{Sorry if I missed anyone - if so, please identify yourself}


There are many others whom were very active for years, but have not been seen for months, sometimes years. I wish to say "miss you guys/gals" and hope all is well.


Respectfully to all Marriott Insiders - it's been fun!


Pingreeman (aka PGM)