Disturbing condition found in room

Discussion created by aqua on Sep 15, 2017

Recently my husband and I stayed in the Pittsburgh North Marriott in Cranberry, PA.

As we pulled back the covers to go to bed, we noticed loose chips of hot pink toenail polish near the middle of the bed on the bottom sheet. How would they have gotten there ? Was the bottom sheet not changed ? We then noticed the note pad near the phone had some writing and numbers on it. My husband and I wondered what else may not have been cleaned. For instance , were the pillow cases changed ? Kind of disturbing. We quietly and politely reported the above upon checkout to the manager on duty in am , Emily.

She said " oh sorry about that ". Her affect did not appear surprised at all. Anyone else ever have this type of experience ? We are Platinmum members and have never seen this in any Marriot.