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Marriott Rewards Visa Free Night Certificate, Cat 1-4 hotel

Question asked by cbormay on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by bejacob

I now have two Marriott Rewards Visa Free Night Certificate for Cat 1-4 hotel.  For nine months I've been trying to use the first one I received that expires in December 2017.  There is no city where I want/need to travel with a category 1-4 hotel on the days I need/want to travel.  Why can't I combine the two Cat 1-4 certificates into a Cat 5 or 6 certificate which would give me more options?  Right now these certificates are useless.


When I called Marriott Rewards to ask this question I was told I should just change my travel dates or locations.  I kept asking to be bumped up the food chain and then I was hung up on.