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Redemption experiences

Question asked by wannabetitanium on Sep 12, 2017
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I am curious to know what others experiences with redemptions are. It seems to me that when paying with points you are a bit of low man on the totem pole in terms of rooms you are given and even on little things such as bed preference.


exhibit A

One night on my honeymoon we had a one night stay before flying out. I used points. They put me in a room with two standard beds. I kindly explained that it was my honeymoon and misses wannabeplatinum would like to sleep next to her new husband. Was told sorry that this was my room and theres nothing they could do. 45k points and slept in a standard bed seperate from m'lady.






exhibit B

I have an upcoming stay this week at JW in DC with misses wannabeplatinum. My room preferences are listed as 1 king size bed. I now see there is a note on the reservation saying this option is not available at this hotel. Me thinks I am going to be stuck in a room with 2 beds on vacation with my wife yet again. How would the option for King size bed not be available?? Does not compute. 40k pts a night and can't get a king size bed.



How are you treated on paid vs redeemed stays? I have yet to have anything to complain about on a paid stay.