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Earning Points

Question asked by jk79 on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by brightlybob

I recently stayed 10 days at a Marriott Property for a family vacation using points. It's not the first time using points as I have been an loyal Marriott Rewards Member for almost 15 year. During our vacation we spent about $4500 on ammentites. I didn't mind too much because I thought I was earning points. A few weeks after we checked out, no points posted to my account, so I filed a missing stay report online. Nearly 3 months later I received an email that I would not receive points for my stay. The reason stated that I didn't book my stay with a Marriott agent, and my stay had to be a paid stay. I obviously booked with a Marriott agent since I used points.  I was quite angry that I would not be recieving points on money spent in the hotel during our stay, because I used points for the room. I've earned points at other hotels in similar situations. Has anyone else had this type of problem? I'm not sure what to do next.