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Discussion created by dqian2 on Sep 9, 2017
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Hi all,

I want to discuss one thing because this today is what I heard of first time and I want to ask help from you people.

My friend and I stayed in JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing on Aug 5th. My friend asked to pay for the room for me by using his credit card. After I checked out, I noticed that I was removed from the guest list and my friend is the only person on the guest list. So I contacted the hotel immediately after that, the response I got was that this is not going to be a problem, I will still get my points and stay.

This stay was never updated, so I contacted customer care to report this missing stay one week ago. The hotel said: "I did not stay in our hotel and also my friend paid the bill by himself, so I cannot get any of points and stay." And I responded the hotel:"No, my friend just arrived earlier than me, as the additional guest. And I don't understand what is the problem he used his card to pay for me-because he was asked the card payment while checking-in, he used his card instead of waiting for me at the front desk... Again, I still need my bill, could you please be kind to send it to me?"

And I never heard of anything from the hotel back. So I contacted the customer service, and I am told that I stayed with my friend, but I have to use my credit card to pay for the room, my friend cannot use his credit card to pay for the room, which is a policy.


I want to discuss "Is this really true that if I stay in a hotel with my friend, and I really cannot use my friend's credit card?" Because I was never aware this before, and I also hope I can warn you if you were not aware this policy like me before.