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Have you seen the new SPG Explore More Promotion?

Question asked by normanp on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by wiscfriend

Just received the email for the new SPG Explore More Promotion - sign up at . To me this appears to be the best SPG promotion in ages.  1000 bonus points per stay and 10000 bonus points after 25 nights. Single night stays will count (great for road warriors) and there doesn't appear to be an earning limit. Wonder if the second phase of the Megabonus will be similar? By my calculations, 25  stays at  a full service Starwood property would earn a total bonus of 35000 points (105000 MR equivalent) and would fully qualify someone for platinum status. Even better, if you are lucky enough to have been targeted with the SPG Double Elite-Qualifying Promotion it would appear that you can earn platinum status after just 13 stays. After about 6 iterations in a row of "earn double points for staying two nights or more" this is a very welcome innovation.