Lounge Review:  Sheraton Midtown Minneapolis

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Lounge Review:  Sheraton Midtown Minneapolis


Sorry brightlybob, but I can't find your lounge review string if it still exists, and I can't remember your format.  So I'll take a stab at a lounge review here...


Sheraton Midtown Minneapolis is in a very sketchy residential area south of downtown Minneapolis.  It's near a couple of hospitals and tends to have somewhat of a captive audience as far as guests go since it's the only hotel in the neighborhood.  We had a wedding to attend at the nearby Swedish Institute (a museum), so we stayed because it was a convenient location.  We didn't realize how bad the neighborhood was.  The parking area was gated and patrolled 24-7 which was good as it looked like the part of town where your car would get broken into or stolen.


HOWEVER, speaking of 24-7, the club lounge is open 24-7 at this hotel, and they serve breakfast and "dinner" every day of the year.  I don't know what dinner consisted of as we had wedding festivities both nights we were there, so we missed "dinner" but it sounded as if it was real food. 


Breakfast was the usual fare.  Nothing special, but perfectly decent. 


The coffee machine and cooler with soda, juice, waters was available 24-7, and there were snacks such as chips, fruit, and crackers during the day - nothing fantastic but still nice to have access throughout the day and night.


I wouldn't stay at this hotel just to stay there, but if you happened to be in Minneapolis for medical treatment at one of the close by hospitals or for an event nearby, I would say it's just fine.  Due for a renovation but still in decent shape.  We didn't have any problems with service or security.  All was fine.  We paid $124 a night, plus $11 a night for parking.  It wasn't a fantastic bargain, but did seem like a fair price all things considered.