WARNING for new Marriott Rewards Program Members

Discussion created by mrscurlyq68 on Sep 1, 2017
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I just wanted to warn new members of the Marriott Rewards Program...If you registered for the rewards program onsite through staff of a Marriott hotel/resort, you MUST take it upon yourself to immediately access your rewards account to verify your account is activated! My husband & I signed-up for the Marriott rewards program during check-in at a Marriott hotel 5+ years ago. We were given a rewards #, told our account was active for that stay, and that all we needed to do in the future was give the rewards # each time we made a reservation...we were good to go to accrue rewards points. We figured we had no reason to reference our rewards acct online, as we have other hotel rewards memberships and have never had a problem accruing or receiving our points. We expected we would just let our points accrue, until we needed them. Lesson cannot rely on Marriott staff to follow-through.

Fast forward 5+ years, I just tried to book a Marriott stay using rewards points and found out our rewards # had never been fully activated by the hotel staff, and as a result we never accrued ANY points for ANY of our stays. Calls  to Marriott Rewards Customer Service (3hrs, 6 people, and lots of time on hold) let us know that the ONLY possible resolution is if WE do the legwork to backtrack all of our past stays for the last 18mos...and then they would try to apply our points for those stays. They cannot, however, track any of our reservations by our rewards # (which is attached to each reservation) because the number was never fully activated, nor can they do anything about our 3 1/2+ years of points prior to 18mos, that we should have accrued. Marriott Rewards Program members BEWARE...double-check everything - accuracy of your reservations, your receipt of rewards points, the bill for your stay, the active status of your rewards #, etc... We were very disappointed to find out we lost out on 5+ years of points, because we relied on the word of the Marriott staff member. As the old saying goes..."If you want something done right, do it yourself".