Lounge Review - JW Marriott Marquis Miami

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 29, 2017
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Where are you, Non-Bob? ... JW Marriott Marquis Miami


And what's the lounge like? Fantastic. 36th floor with a nice view out towards Miami Beach. Floor to ceiling windows and plenty of room. Not at all crowded, even at peak breakfast time on a Saturday. Hard to guess what might happen during the week, though.

CL view.jpg

How's the evening food? Sorry to say I don't know. Arrived late (after the lounge closed) and only stayed one night. Maybe next time, I'll have a chance to find out.


Any free alcohol? Nope. US lounges don't offer free booze. I do know there is an honor bar, though.


What are the hours? 6:30am - 10pm, 7 days a week. Breakfast until 9 on weekdays, 11 on weekends. hors d'oeuvres each evening from 5 - 7:30.


Are they being meanies and closing the lounge on weekends? They are not. In fact, breakfast lasts two hours longer on the weekend in case you want to have a lie in. How's that for service?


How about Gold/Platinum breakfast? One of the best lounge breakfasts in the USA. Huge variety of hot and cold food. You'll be sorry if you miss it.

Miami lounge.jpg

Upgrades? My oh my, yes. Booked a king room (using the gov't rate so I got a great deal) and ended up with a corner suite, bay view room. Probably goes for four times what I paid even in the off-season.


Late checkout? Didn't need it, so didn't ask. I'm sure it would be offered. It is a JW Marriott, after all.


Comments... One of the finest lounges around. Spacious, great views, and an amazing breakfast spread. I found my hotel next time I'm in Miami. Oh BTW, cold bottled water is available, but you might have to ask.


So, I'm in the concierge lounge at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami and it's fantastic. 5/5