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JW Marriott Essex House or The New York Edition?

Question asked by nancyevans on Aug 28, 2017
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Need help, please, choosing between JW Marriott Essex House and The New York Edition

My husband and I will be in NYC for a mid-week three-night stay in mid-September. The trip is for pleasure. I am Platinum Elite.  I am deciding between using my Marriott Rewards points at the JW Marriott Essex House or The New York Edition.  The benefits of staying at the JW Marriott seem better in terms of possible upgrades, access to the concierge level and suite, complimentary breakfast/cocktails, etc.  But I'm also drawn to the fact that the Edition is a newer, smaller property.   We are open as to location.  Any thoughts on which one is the better choice? The NY Edition stay would be 170,000 points and the JW Marriott would be 135,000.  I know that our experience is likely to be dictated by the room type and location, but would appreciate any insight into making this decision.  If I should even consider other options, I'm all ears.  Thanks in advance.