Enhanced Wait List for Sold Out Properties

Discussion created by edumacated on Aug 29, 2017
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I do not know if this feature has been discussed earlier or is already a dead conversation.


I'd like to know more about the "Wait List" that seems to be up to the discretion of the Property Manager to create, maintain, and then follow up when a property is full.


1. It seems manual

2. It does not seem to be automated or to have any kind of recognized policy or procedure

3. It also appears to be a missed opportunity to enhance the customer experience - especially for more loyal Marriott members like - Platinum Members


What I have seen over many years of traveling with Marriott is that when a property is sold out ahead of time (This is not a Platinum Override discussion) that a Wait List of some fashion is kept by the Property Manager. I have never received a call from any property saying, "Hey you handsome devil, a room has just opened up and we had time to call you before anyone booked it online to give it to you!"


My suggestion is that when a property is sold out that there be an actual centrally hosted wait list within the Marriott reservation system itself on a first come first serve basis based.  And that when a room opens up that room get assigned to the next in line - maybe even by Marriott Status.


1. I wouldn't mind having my card pre authorized and charged automatically and a notification sent to my phone and/or email saying, "Based on your Wait List Status you have reserved a room at XYZ Property and It will show up as a reservation in your Marriott Profile"


2. This would eliminate any need for either the Property Manager or us from having to apply any diligence or care to the matter and would just automatically happen as opposed to the current state.




Does anyone know if Marriott reads these?