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Got Food poisoning tonight, in hotel restaurant of Triada Palm Spring

Question asked by chichi77 on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2018 by sssparkyyy

I Checked-in this afternoon at Triada Palm Spring, Autograph collection, and had dinner about 8:30 PM at

Iluminara Restaurant & Lounge, which is a hotel restaurant. After finishing half of my Chicken roll, french fries and a glass of water, I felt abdomen distention and a little nausea. I thought that I ate too much, thus I returned to my room to take a rest. At about 10PM, I went to toilet, feel cramping over my whole abdomen, and I had diarrhea. Still Cramping since then, I start vomiting for several times until I couldn't vomit anything. But still cramping, so I called the front desk and asked for some warm water. I drink the water, then I vomited. Drink again, then vomited again. Kept this cycle until  I'm pretty sure there was nothing in my stomach.

I went to the front desk at about 11PM, tell the night manager what happened and asked if they have some sports drink for me to avoid dehydration. Unfortunately the didn't have it, and he gave me a bottle of water. I'm observing myself now, if I still have symptoms, I'll go to ER to get some help.


Is there anyone who had this situation before?