Marriott Camby Autograph Hotel in Phoenix, AZ (Biltmore Area) Refuses to Honor Platinum Late Check out Benefit

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Just a big caveat to all Marriott Insiders that the Marriott Camby Autograph Hotel in Phoenix, AZ by the Biltmore refuses to honor late check out requests from Marriott Platinum Elite members.  This was my experience with that property on Saturday morning August 26, 2017.  Our experience at the Camby turned out really bad and I want you to know how we were treated at that property.


Original Request

I originally requested a late check out when I checked in with the Marriott mobile app on Friday August 25th.  At that time, I received a confirmation on the app that stated "You are all set for a 4:00pm late check out".


I also saw the same confirmation message on the Marriott app the morning of August 26th (check out day).


However, like many other Marriott Insiders, I have previously experienced a disconnect (sometimes) between what the Marriott app says and what is actually communicated to the hotel's front desk.  When this mis-communication happens regarding a late check out request (for some reason the front desk sometimes does't know about the late check out request coming from the Marriott app?), the front desk associate will nevertheless immediately state that a late check out is perfectly fine and they thank me for being Platinum Elite.  But this is NOT what happened at the Camby.


Camby Get Failing Grade

However, at the Camby, not only did the two front desk associates (Holly and Jessica) say I NEVER requested a late checkout they also said there is no way the Camby could honor it anyways.  I was stunned.  Absolutely stunned.  I even told Holly that we need more time and at least until 1:30pm due to my disabled daughter's health needs.  Again, Holly said no late check out was possible.


Check out Already Confirmed on App

I told Holly that the Marriott App says my late check-out is already confirmed.  Holly went on to say that I needed to take that up with Marriott because their hotel has nothing to do with the Marriott app.  Nice response, right?  I asked again and again to have the Platinum Elite benefit honored and was told no.  Period.


Request to speak with Manager or GM

I also asked to go up the "food chain" and be given an opportunity to speak with the manager or the General manager - my request was denied.  Holly did offer me two drinks in the bar for my troubles of getting kicked out 4 hours sooner than we planned.  Not being a drinker, that offer was unacceptable and nevertheless it would have done nothing for my family's major inconvenience.  The Camby really messed up our stay in Phoenix and the Camby made a good hotel stay into a completely terrible stay. 


I Texted Screen Shot from the Marriott App

I asked where I could text a screen shot of the Marriott app that shows my late check out request was previously granted.  Holly gave me their number that accepts text messages. I do not know who from the Camby was reading the texts - again very unprofessional to not let the customer know who they are texting with.


However, we got no where with Holly or Jessica (and Jessica was actually very rude to my wife).  Holly was just unpleasant on the phone like she was angry or something.  Holly also said she was going to call me back with another alternative.  Holly never called me back.


The Camby get an "F" or whatever lower score we can provide on this forum.  If you must stay there, please be aware of Jessica's and Holly's poor attitude toward customers.


So, after getting nowhere with a late check to, my family CHECKED OUT of the hotel.  Then, AFTER we had already left the hotel property, I received a text message that they apparently changed their mind and they could now honor my late check out request.  Really, are you kidding me?  How timely?  What is going on at that hotel?  The person reading the text messages must be a different person and he/she is not in contact with Holly or Jessica.


Therefore, via text message again, I replied to the above message and I asked again to speak with the GM.  A text message reply came back said I would be contacted Monday morning.  


However this also did not happen - I have not yet received a call from the Camby's GM (who I believe is Mr. Onal Kucuk).


The Marriott Camby in Phoenix is either full of incompetent associates or they intentionally lie.  And neither of these are acceptable and certainly not normal for a Marriott property.  The customer experience is seriously compromised and this is something everyone should know.


I have been loyal to Marriott for over 20 years because of excellent service and outstanding properties.  However, the Camby failed us.


I also lodged an "incident report" with Marriott's Platinum customer service number.


I will post what they do about this unfortunate situation.


Best to all.  Happy travels.