Hotel Beds for Home.  Which is the best?

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2018 by thekid

I know there has been some older discussions on Insiders about how one can purchase a Marriott bed for home at    I've been thinking about replacing the mattresses in my home sometime in the near future and would like to hear from other Insiders who have purchased Hotel Beds for home.  One thing I've noticed from having many different Marriott stays is that all Marriott beds do not appear to be the same in comfort level.  In Washington DC the Marriott Marquis property has excellent beds and I always sleep well there but I don't always have the same experience at some of the other neighboring Marriott properties.


I've also been curious about the Sheraton bed.  I had one Sheraton Stay earlier this year in Charlotte and was impressed with the bed quality there.  After I become Lifetime Platinum I will probably have some more Sheraton stays to see if the bed quality is consistent.   I know Marriott has two different options for purchase (Foam & Innerspring) but Sheraton only has one.  Has anyone ever bought a Sheraton bed from the Sheraton Store?


Hotel beds for Home purchase are expensive so I would appreciate any input.