Norfolk Waterside Virginia the worst hotel

Discussion created by jrobinson1117 on Aug 28, 2017
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I just want any travelers to know that the hotel at Marriott Waterside Norfolk Virginia is the worst hotel that I have ever stayed with Marriott.  I am a Marriott rewards member since approximately 2005 and I have never had an issue with Marriott hotels.  Customer service has always been 100% and if I had an issue it was resolved immediately.  On 8/4/2017 I checked into this hotel because it was my wedding anniversary and I paid to have a photographer to take pictures.  I was old this was a nice hotel.    Well when we checked in on Friday one of my rooms smelled like sewage.  It was told to customer service.  To be honest this hotel needs an upgrade.  It is old and the fixtures showed this.  I was not happy but I went forward.  My photographer took pictures and I was satisfied.  I really had no choice.  I entered my bathroom to take a hot shower.  I entered the shower and immediately fell on my backbone.  Apparently there was cleaning fluid in the shower that wasn't cleaned up and it was clear that I didn't see it and I fell hard enough to wake my husband who was already in the  bed asleep.  I fell so hard that I woke him (my husband) up.   At the time the only thing that was hurtig was my pride and my husband assisted me up and went and retrieved ice for a compress.  The next day I was in more pain but I went ahead to finish our anniversary photo shoot.  I contacted the front desk and explained what happened. and they informed me that a report had to be prepared and to come to the desk.  I went downstairs and had the report prepared by the security manager.  He asked me if I needed to go to the hospital at that time and I informed him that I had to go home but i would seek medical treatment if I felt it was necessary.  He informed me that if I did that to keep the receipt and someone from Marriott would contact me in the next few days.  When I returned home to Petersburg, I was in pain so I seeked medical care.  The incident happened on August 4th 2017 and to this day I have not received any contact from the hotel at all nor Marriott Hotel.  I am SO UPSET by this.   I feel that Marriott could care less, the management team for this hotel clearly misrepresents the ideals of Marriott because they never contacted me.  I also had a problem with another room that I paid for .  The room smelled of sewage.  It was reported but never received any contact about this.  On this weekend I paid for 3 rooms and I had problems with 2.  Management never contacted me about my problem. I am thoroughly disgusted with Marriott about this incident and I am still in pain.  Does Marriott care about this, I think not.  I already told a friend of mine who was looking at this hotel for a wedding reception not to consider this place place but to book the Hilton because they communicate with customer right away.  Will I continue to down talk this hotel.  Yes I will on a weekly basis going forward because the customer service is horrible and management is rated as a 2. I stayed there August 4th 2017 My name is Jackie Robinson Tiller room I think 1916.  I am not afraid to post the truth about this horrible hotel!!!  I will continue to tweet this hotel on a weekly starting Monday!


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