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Anyone else want to protest new 2-day cancellation policy?

Question asked by ella31 on Aug 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by iahflyr

I am in the middle of my first trip since the new 2-day cancellation policy came into effect, and I can tell you, I am hating it! This  is a road trip is for 5-6 nights, stopping in 4 different cities (including a stop for the total eclipse!)


The 2-day cancellation policy has been a total pain on this trip. My plans have involved various appointments with different people, and there have been a lot of shifts. It wouldn't have been too hard to know my plans one day in advance, but two days in advance is just too difficult.


One thing that made this trip easier is that one of the hotels I'm staying in (an FI) still has the very old policy of cancellation the day of! But the others have been hard. I had made reservations for this coming Weds for a SHS, and decided this evening to cancel my reservation. I just don't feel certain enough of my plans to risk a $150 penalty, and it looks like there will be plenty of hotel availibility in that market for that date. So I will just make last minute reservations.


In fact, I was discussing this issue today with a friend who, like myself, is MR Platinum, and he said from now on he will just make last minute reservations. I think that will be my strategy too for many of my trips. If a lot of us react this way, I don't see how that will help Marriott with its stated goal of managing its reservations better.


Are others hating this as much as I am? If so, what about a letter-writing campaign to Marriott corporate. Do you think there's chance they would listen?