Detailed Breakdown of Elite Nights?

Discussion created by bluestone on Aug 22, 2017

I have been a Chase Marriott Visa cardholder since October 2014. In July I added the Chase Marriott Business Visa to my account and have been monitoring it to see when all the bonuses would hit. I hit the minimum spending threshold for the 80K bonus points right away, and my first bill cycle finished so I see those points have been added to my account. What I've been looking for is the Elite Night Credits and the Free Night Stay certificate. I'm close to the next status level and have some travel planned for the coming fall where it could be useful. I've ready through plenty of forums where they say it could be immediate to up to 6-8 weeks, so last night I called and spoke with Marriott Rewards Customer Service, and got some information that gave me pause.


The rep I spoke with informed me that the Elite Nights were credited to my account back on 7/24, which I'm not denying, but the number of Elite Nights I'm seeing in my account doesn't seem to have changed at all since before I applied for the business card. It's entirely possible that I wasn't paying much attention before I got the business card, and if the elite nights hit almost instantaneously after I was approved it may seem like nothing has changed, but I'm just looking for confirmation. I know if you go to your profile and click on the # of nights you can see a summary of how many rollover nights, stayed nights and credit card rewards nights you have for the current year, but is there any way to see a detailed breakdown of how (CC, stay, rollover, $3K bonus spend, etc.) each night in the current year was earned? The information the rep had access to when we spoke I can't find anywhere in my account, yet I can see a detailed breakdown of how my Rewards Points were earned as far back as 12 months. It would be nice to be able to see that, and would give me peace of mind that I'm getting everything I'm supposed to (I've read stories about accounts not matching up, etc.).


Additionally, I'm getting conflicting information from the mailer I received inviting me to apply for the business card, the rep I spoke to last night, and information on the web as to when (or even if) I will get my first Free Night Stay certificate for the new business card. Is it at account approval like the Elite Nights, after a full year on the account anniversary, or after a certain spending threshold? I've had the personal card for nearly three years now and at this point I honestly can't remember when I got the first certificate.