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Value Added....Gold Elite vs Silver Elite?

Question asked by 7667maggie on Aug 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by cayres00

I was a Silver Elite member until I recentry received Gold Elite status through a special Marriott promotion.  In order to maintain this status I need 6 stays by the end of October, 2017.  I have upcoming travel in September and October of 2017 and have made all of my hotel reservations at sometimes more costly Marriott brands so that I can keep the Gold Elite status.  However, after my first experience as a Gold Elite member,  I do not see the value added to maintain Gold Elite vs Silver Elite.  During my first check in as a Gold Elite member I inquired about upgrade availability.  A disinterested young lady at check in first said yes, then no.  Then she handed me a small bag containing 1 small bottle of water, a small bag of cookies and one Twizzler; my husband received no bag. My long time request for a high floor was not honored even though we checked in the day before our scheduled arrival at the mobile app's request.  I was going to use the mobile app check out until I saw that I was double charged for parking and needed to go to the front desk to resolve.  I have since completed my survey from the hotel and the GM that responded to me was just as disinterested as the check in staff.  Can any seasoned Gold Elite members chime in? Am I expecting too much?