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What counts in 'base' costs for points?

Question asked by psudad on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by psudad

I just stayed at a Marriott in NYC last weekend and, in addition to the room charges, I had several bar charges.  When the stay just posted to my account, I got 10 times the base cost of the two nights lodging, plus my 25% Gold bonus (plus 2,000 for the Summer MegaBonus - with 2,000 more to come).


But I received 0 points for the bar charges, though they were both charged to my room and were on my final portfolio.  I always thought those were included in the base charges for points.


So, am I now correct to assume, the only way I will get any points for incremental charges to my room is if I use my Marriott Visa? (which is a given).