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Marbella or Playa Andaluza how to chose?

Question asked by hazelnut on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2018 by cacoastal33

Hello again.  I posted here several months ago and recieved amazing advice for our trip to Paris- I don't think our trip would have gone half as well without the tips I recieved here.


For my next trip I have my sites on a Marriott Vacation Club in Spain for next April.  I can get both Marbella and Playa with my DC points.  How do I chose?


Details- first trip to Spain, just high school Spanish, middle aged couple in good health and college student(s).  We enjoy the beach, but not full days/everyday. We enjoy sight seeing, but I don't have a big bucket list of must do's for this location like I had for Paris.


Is there much difference between these 2 resorts or for a first trip/ general exploration are they about equal?