Trying to reach Lifetime before the "Integration"?

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maldon england participants crawl across the finish line during the

We all shared in the joy of verysuiteboy's and scubachef's recent Lifetime Platinum accomplishment (hey w/Platboy's bar and scuba's culinary skills, we could have a wingding of a celebration party...just saying). We know vaboywnder  pluto77 and others are ever so diligently approaching that Lifetime finish line and certainly would prefer to do it prior to any integration of the Marriott/SPG programs, where who knows what in the world could occur.


Here's an idea. Now granted, it might only work for one person, in one remarkably coincidental fashion, but that alone makes it worthwhile in sharing (or at least as significant as Birthday Elite Night).


The folks at FlyerTalk were kicking around the idea of transferring points for a vacation stay. Along with that discussion came the reminder below (I say reminder, because as a Lifetimer, I tend to forget that which does not relate to me );


Points Sharing


A limit of 50,000 points per year may be transferred into or out of a member’s account. Members who are transferring points in order to satisfy a specific award may exceed the 50,000 limit up to the amount needed to satisfy the reservation.


Now you say, erc, how the heck does that help? Well, if you can find a Lifetimer who doesn't need the point balance (I'm not saying points, I'm saying balance) then think about it - you could have the Lifetimer transfer 270,000 points for a 7 night Category 9 stay and both your point balance and your elite nights (since award nights now count) would increase, perhaps, just enough to cross that mystical Lifetime finish line (to Gold or Platinum).  Offer a barter value to the 'donor' so that you would stay within the Rewards program T&Cs....just something to think about among those close to Lifetime with loved ones (and any 'donor' would be loved ).


Since I've got no dog in this fight, and therefore you can't hurt my sensitive feelings;

lawyers feel free to offer up the 'side effects'.

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The current targets for Marriott Lifetime Status are:

Lifetime Silver: 1.2 million points earned and 250 nights stayed

Lifetime Gold: 1.6 million points earned  and 500 nights stayed

Lifetime Platinum: 2.0 million points earned and 750 nights stayed



As a longtime earn 'em and burn 'em player, I ain't got no points to offer, so look elsewhere bubba.