SPG vs MR points and status bonuses

Discussion created by jjousma on Aug 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2017 by scubachef

I just realized that SPG gives you points bonuses according to your status (example 50% bonus for my platinum at marriot or 4 points per dollar at SPG) on the WHOLE BILL. That includes food and drink?! thats huge im almost always eating at the hotel when I stay for business and the points are earned at Marriott but they could be 50% more if they followed an SPG similar point/bonus allocation system. Im torn between trying to stay SPG for the rest of the year but lose my elite night credit ability...


any chance anyone knows if once they merge our nights will merge too? With my meals counting the SPG bonus way - Marriott in comparison is stealing a huge amount points from me!


Marriott should definitely take a leaf out of SPGs book here and change what applies for the bonus!