Earn Airline Miles For Booking Marriott Hotels

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I wanted to share a discovery I made today with all of you.

I was reading this article How to Earn 10X Chase Ultimate Rewards Points at Walmart! | Million Mile Secrets earlier today and began pondering whether or not I actually wanted to shop at Walmart just to earn the advertised 10X UR points per dollar spent (in addition to the 1 UR point per $1 for "all other spends") and I noted something very interesting: the blogger referenced a site he uses to search for the best cash-back and/or points/miles per dollar rewards earning with the different shopping portals (you know, like the one marriottrewards used to have).  This website, Cashback Comparison & Miles/Points Reward Comparison , compares all the shopping portals for all the various rewards programs and shows you which portals will give you the best bang for your buck at the online stores you choose (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.).  It has a search filter where you can type in the name of the store you want to shop at and it shows you how many AAdvantage miles you will earn versus how many United Airlines miles, etc. 


Okay, so now my Marriott-related point: in searching for the stores I actually frequent when shopping through my chosen airline miles shopping portals and realizing all the time I have wasted in comparing the stores' mileage-earning-rates by going to each different shopping portal, I just happened to type in, " marriott " and discovered that both Spirit Airlines (which I don't care about) and Virgin Atlantic have shopping portals that will give you 3 Miles per dollar spent when booking Marriott hotels through their portals!!  I immediately perked up as VA miles are transferable to Delta and some other airlines and Chase Ultimate Reward points can be transferred to VA as well (this is how my partner and I were able to get three non-stop, round-trip, premium economy tickets on VA, LAX to LHR in December).  So, they are very useful and a great airline to fly!  See here: Marriott US - collect miles with Shops Away .


It suddenly dawned on me that I could be earning Virgin Atlantic miles every time I book and stay at a Marriott hotel!  Nevermind how long it took me to calculate just how many VA miles I have forfeited over the last 4 years of my Marriott Rewards membership (actually, I am terrible at math and busy at work so I have given up trying). 


The best thing is that when you click on the link to the Marriott page through the Virgin Atlantic shopping portal, it takes you right to the regular Marriott website and asks you to log in with your MR ID and password and you still search for and book hotels through your account as you normally would; so you do not miss out on your elite status benefits or points/nights-earnings. I just deleted the old Marriott website bookmark and replaced it with the website clicked on through the VA shopping portal).


I further discovered that Starwood also has a page through the Virgin Atlantic shopping portal, which earns you 2 VA miles per dollar spent: Starwood Hotels & Resorts - collect miles with Shops Away .


This is a great way to "double-dip" your rewards-earnings, much like I do via Jet Blue on Amazon.  Now, I have flown Jet Blue once, to D.C. about ten years ago.  However, since I discovered that Jet Blue is the only airline that has a partnership with Amazon (where I do about 85% of my shopping) where they will award you 3 Jet Blue miles per $1 spent when shopping on Amazon through the special Jet Blue link (which I then bookmarked), I have earned almost 12,000 Jet Blue miles since December!  JetBlue | TrueBlue: Amazon   Hey, free miles are free miles, and even if Jet Blue is not your airline of choice, none of the other airlines will give you miles for shopping on Amazon.  So you can always use your Marriott Rewards credit card  (or your airline card of choice) and then also earn 3 Jet Blue miles per $1 and someday, you'll have enough miles to fly somewhere for free.  The same thing goes for the Virgin Atlantic shopping portal - you might as well earn free VA miles for booking your hotels with Marriott (something we are all doing anyway).  Win-win!


Incidentally, Jet Blue also lets you earn miles for LYFT rides (like SPG does for UBER), https://www.lyft.com/jetblue/first  so connecting your accounts is totally worth it there too (you can also earn Delta miles by connecting your LYFT account Delta and Lyft Partnership – Lyft Help ). 


So whether you try this out or not, I hope I have at least made all of you aware of the shopping portals and how you should always earn something more for the purchases you are already making.  I also love to check for any AMEX offers for the stores on the shopping portals I frequent and then I get cash-back for my purchases while I earn SPG points (=3x Marriott points) and airline miles at the same time! Why not?


Happy earning and burning!!