Have You Been Collecting Marriott Badges?

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 9, 2017
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With the rumor that the badges on the Marriott web site are either gone or soon will be, it might be time to check in once again. I know a few Insiders have been picking up badges and associated points (basically like finding a penny or nickel on the sidewalk).


I recall painedplatinum had a pretty good tally, last I checked. Who else have I noticed mentioning badges over the past few years? nationwide, clebert, verysuiteboy, peymanagement, brightlybob I'm sure I'm missing quire a few. Certainly not our good buddy erc. That's not his game.


So badges are gone. Or not. Or will be soon. No one seems to have that figured out.


As of early August, I can still view the ones I've collected over on the Marriott website. Here's what I've managed to accumulate over the past few years.

Marriott Badges.PNG

I've got my second paid EDITION stay coming up in less than 3 weeks, so I hope I'll be able to check back one more time. That will be the final of the "Brand Loyalist" badges (don't get me started again about why there is no Delta badge ). I never imagined that when these badges started three years ago, I'd be where I am today. I thought it unlikely I'd ever make a stay at the RC or ED brands. Of course, back then I also thought it would be difficult for me as a leisure traveler to reach (and retain) Platinum. Funny how things change.


As for the rest of the badges, reaching 500 or 1000 nights (actual paid nights) is not in my future, so those "Road Warrior" badges aren't either. I suppose it might be possible to collect the "refer a friend badge." Once in a while I've passed along the link to a friend, but as far as I know, those friends never joined Marriott Rewards.


What's your collection look like? Tell us which badges you've gotten or post a picture showing your progress. If what we're hearing is true, there won't be much time left to collect and show off these "stinkin" badges.