Using Google Assistant for Cancellations

Discussion created by globaltreker on Aug 8, 2017

Since Marriott started making changes to its cancellation policies at Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Clubs, Starwood Properties, etc. I have been going crazy just keeping track of all the different cancellation policies on my reservations.


You see, I average no less than 30 reservations (Business + Leisure) in my account on any given day of the year.  That is a lot of reservations to keep up with and now all of these different cancellation policies are adding to the complexity. My head is spinning.


Here are some examples of some of my cancellation Policies:

1. MVCI - 61 days

2. Resorts - 21 day advance in Peak Season

3. Resorts - 14 day pre-purchase for special events

4. Hotels - 2, 3, 5, and 7 days depending on property and brand

5. Hotels - 24 Hours with pre-payment refund


TIP: I am now using Google Assistant to Set all my cancellation reminders from my reservations.  Once I set the reservation, I add it to my calendar of choice, and then I just Tell Google to remind me to cancel based upon the reservation's cancellation policy.  I have been using it now for several months and it has been working well for me.


Note: This TIP may not be appropriate for those who have privacy concerns.


For me, it has been a great relief to know that I will not be charged for cancelling reservations just because I forgot to do it on time.  That is a major help for me since I an juggling so many priorities for both business and leisure travel.


Of course this is only one way to stay on top of your reservations, maybe others can chime in on their preferred method to monitor cancellations?