Leeds Marriott, above and beyond the call of duty

Discussion created by trevfour on Aug 7, 2017
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Already one of our favourite UK Marriott hotels, surpassed itself over the weekend.

Currently booked in for a 2 night stay, Sunday to Tuesday.

Also arranged for an afternoon meeting room so that I can catch up with a colleague who lives reasonably locally.

Checked in on the app on Saturday, and used the chat feature to politely request, not just an upgrade, but a specific room number, one of our favourites looking over Trevelyan Square.

Request was granted immediately by Neil, one of the front desk associates.

Left home in the East Midlands around 2pm, Sunday, to allow time to get to Leeds, check in and get ready to update our server and website with a Senior Tour event in Scotland, due to finish around 4pm.

All ran smoothly until we entered the city, and were around 400 yards from the hotel. We suddenly came across a road barrier, and stewards directing traffic away. I asked one how were we supposed to get to the Marriott, and he replied, you’re not, well not before 8pm anyway!

It transpired, the whole city centre was cut off to traffic to allow for the annual Leeds Pride festival.

There were up to 40,000 people parading through the streets around the hotel, all in a carnival atmosphere, with music, floats and food vendors.


With me urgently needing to get to work, and having driven around in circles for over 30 stressful minutes not seeing any familiar landmarks, I decided to phone the hotel.

Was put through to the concierge, Imran, who tried to talk me through directions to the car park close by that was not closed to traffic. After a very short while, it became apparent I did not have a clue, and so he offered to walk the 400 yards to meet, and then drive us through a maze of backstreets to the Trinity carpark.

Its’ side exit conveniently opens up on Trevelyan Square, right opposite the hotel.

Checked in and ensconced in room by 4.30, up and running on the notebook computer in no time.

So, all in all, 10 out of 10, thumbs up, and thank you to all at the Leeds Marriott.