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Missing Marriott Rewards points.

Question asked by makcc on Aug 5, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by communitymanagers

I have an issue with Marriott Rewards points that have not been added to my account. I have called Marriott Rewards at least 16 times about the matter and I get the silly run around. I am asked a plethora of questions and in the end I am told the hotel will be contacted and my points will be issued.

Then I call again, am put on hold while the hotel is contacted and then I am told to wait and same frustrating sequence.

I took it upon myself to contact the hotel directly and emailed the invoices twice to the general mail box of Marriott Rewards and to the mail box of the agent. Yet, after some months, the case is unresolved.

The issue is I stayed at a Marriott property along with a guest. I was credited my stay and the guest was credited 14 days out of 84. After some deliberation it seems obvious that Marriott Rewards is preventing me to move up in status.

Quite annoying.