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Road Warriors Lament?  When You Open the Hotel Room Door...

Question asked by ssindc on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by verysuiteboy

When you think road warrior, it's hard to not be impressed by globaltreker achieving a 4,000th night in a Marriott property.  And, this week, I happened upon the New York Times article, published a few months back: How to Stay Sane on a Business Trip - How to Stay Sane on a Business Trip - The New York Times


Some highlights:

  • rooms that are "oppressively functional"
  • loneliness, loneliness, loneliness
  • asking: what do I do now?
  • room service or restaurant...
  • peace and quiet ... or gloom?


I'll be the first to admit that a bad (particularly a horrible, dark, uncomfortable) room can drive me into a mini-funk.  While I've been blessed with more good hotel rooms than bad, I've been in some real stinkers (in the developing world and the rural U.S.)....  So, yes, a decent-to-good-to-excellent hotel does make a difference!


So, here's the question(s): as you open your hotel door - do you feel anticipation, dread, happiness, calm, fear ... or ...?  Do you seek or dread the solitude?  Or does it all depend upon the hotel, the location, the room, why you're travelling, etc."