4,000 Nights Celebration?

Discussion created by globaltreker on Aug 3, 2017
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As I approach 4,000 nights in the MR program since 1999, I am looking for some creative ideas on how to celebrate this event?


For me, the number represents many lessens learned in the trenches at client sites.  It also has meaning to me within the context of lifelong experiences interacting with many different cultures.  For this I am grateful. Yes, 4,000 nights means almost 11 years away from home.  But thankfully, not all of those nights have been away from my loved ones.  On numerous occasions, I have been able to bring my family with me for extended periods of time. This has also been rewarding for my family.  Especially for my kids who have learned to appreciate other perspectives gained outside the United States.


So what do you think about celebrating this event?


1. At a Hotel of my choice with the family?

2. At home? reflecting on the latest road warrior stories?

3. At Marriott Bethesda Headquarters?  Would be interesting to visit some day.

4. In the wild away from all urban environments? Maybe Patagonia or the South Pole?


Other ideas?


I remember when I crossed the 4 million mile mark on American Airlines on my way to LAX back in 2015.  The entire crew on my flight signed my boarding pass and invited me for a celebratory drink when we landed. Amazing group of people I had never met before that point.


With all the negative **** you have to deal with while traveling, its those snippets in time of charity and kindness that you remember most. Amazing.